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    This is what remains of the Club Penguin Army of Darkness, a noob army I had made long ago in 2011, the first Aus-Asian army (now known as Ausia) created by Sidie9. More coming soon.
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This is what remains of a noob army I had made in the time of 14th of October, 2011, that died after “Skyfish” defaced the website, and we spent the rest of our life changing names. Although being insignificant and noob-like, it was the first ever Aus-Asian army (now known as ausia) ever to exist. Thank you everyone, and may darkness conquer all.

If you don’t believe these were at the time I claim they were, look closely at the pictures, as they were taken during the 2011 Christmass Party.

~Sidie9, Army Of Darkness Creator



The Nachos in the below pic are people who were on Nachos chat confused by what was going on with 6 noobs raiding their chat at 6am in the morning (EST) saying they were being invaded.